1. Do I have to pay any fees to Miray Education for teaching job placement in China?

    • No you do not need to pay anything to Miray Education for placing and securing you an employment contract.

  2. Do I get vacation while working on my contract?

    • Yes, you have vacation on all national holidays in China; the independence week, labor week, and Chinese New Year, etc. Moreover, depend on your employment contract, some schools have extra paid vacations and summer/winter vacations.

  3. How does the Free Housing work?

    • Your employer is responsible for providing you housing while you are working for them on an employment contract. The housing can be you sharing a 2B2B apartment with another teacher from the organization or a 1B1B apartment for just you. The type of apartment you will be getting depend on the school’s current housing resources; however, you can always request to live by yourself. We can negotiate the housing situation with your employer on your behalf when a contract is being offered.

  4. Do I have to pay for the utilities for my housing?

    • Yes, you do. However, some employer pays partial utilities for you. Overall, the utilities pay in China will not exceed $40 dollar per month.

  5. How do I transfer money back to the United States?

    • Once you have landed in China, your employer will take you to the local bank and help you open a bank account so that you can transfer the money back to the United States.

  6. How do I get a Phone Sim Card in China?

    • Your employer will help you settle and take you to the phone carrier company and get a Sim Card.

  7. What type of Health Insurance will I be getting?

    • For people working in China under a Z working visa, your employer is required by law to provide you health insurance at work. The type of health insurance you will be getting is accidental health insurance. For example: if you broke your arm due to a car accident, you will be covered. For more specific type of insurance, you can ask the employer. Overall the medical system in China is different than the United States, it is very affordable to see the doctor and get the medication you need.

  8. What is the working visa process?

    • Please refer to our page of the working visa tutorial. It has the step to step tutorial to guide you through the process of obtaining a working visa.

  9. Can I bring my spouse or children to China with me?

    • Yes, many schools welcome the teacher to bring their families to China. If your child need help with going to school in China, please talk to our recruiter.

  10. Does Instagram, Facebook, Google works in China?

    • Unfortunately, no. But you can always purchase VPN then you can use these social media and websites.

  11. Do the teachers need to develop their own curriculum?

    • It depends on the school. However, the school will include the time you use to create your curriculum in your 30-40 working hours. So you do not need to work overtime.

  12. What is the classroom size?

    • Its usually 10-15 students per class. You will also have 1-2 Chinese teaching assistants to help you teach the class


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